Friday, March 23, 2007


  That's just what it is simply just a dream, how can anyone possibly get ahead. When the the banks and the insurance companies and the credit card companies own everything.         How can a guy get ahead when two thirds of his money is spent on simple living expenses. Lord help the man that becomes ill, and doesn't have any health insurance he may as well lay down and die. Then by the time you go out and get yourself a $250,000 mortgage at seven or 8% and a few credit cards at 18 to 21% you are just in the process of trying to stay alive until the bank reprocesses everything and sells it to the next victim.  That's not exactly what I consider to be a dream existence. It's a nightmare.

   Then there's all the other things that the ruling class has in place to keep the masses in check, such as racial prejudice religion and education that the average person cannot afford but still, you need a degree to get a decent job. Then after you spend several years getting a degree and going into debt for school loans. You can still can't get a good job. I know many degree holders who can't find a better job than manager at McDonald's or pushing a broom. Bottom line, the American dream is a joke.

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